Maryland’s Most Popular Dishes

From Crabs to Cookies: Maryland’s Most Popular Food


Maryland’s Most Popular Dishes

The state of Maryland is known to be rich in European culture, but it’s also known for its excellent cuisine. For the longest time, the people of Maryland have enjoyed delectable food which tends to be reminiscent and reflective of their history, culture, and natural riches.

Most of the West has fallen in love with the state’s signature dishes and snacks. Here are a few which makes the list of the Western World’s most popular food.


Maryland is the county’s leading distributor of blue crabs and soft shell crabs, and it’s also no secret that Marylanders are crazy for all things crab. In fact, they love crustaceans so much that they’ve managed to incorporate them into just about any dish that comes to mind. Crabs are the main ingredient of most Maryland specialties; the crustacean practically precedes all Maryland dishes.

Arguably, Maryland’s most loved crab recipe is the crab cake, which over time became one of the most popular western dishes.

Maryland’s Most Popular Dishes 2

Honorable mentions include:

Crab Dip

Maryland’s Most Popular Dishes 3

Old Bay Seasoned Crabs

Maryland’s Most Popular Dishes 4

Steamed Crabs

Maryland’s Most Popular Dishes 5

Cream of Crab Soup

Maryland’s Most Popular Dishes 6

Chicken a la Maryland

Maryland’s Most Popular Dishes 7

Also known as Maryland Chicken, it is believed to be one of the oldest of all Maryland recipes. What makes it different from the everyday fried chicken is its unique way of preparation and Maryland’s signature cream gravy.

Berger Cookies

Maryland’s Most Popular Dishes 8

Baltimore is known to be the home of these cookies. Thoroughly coated in thick chocolate icing, this cookie was officially declared as Maryland’s official dessert.

Smith Island Cake

Maryland’s Most Popular Dishes 9

Rivaling Berger Cookies for Maryland’s best dessert is the Smith Island Cake. The mouthwatering dessert is made of layer after layer of yellow butter cake with chocolate-fudge icings in between. A spoonful of the dessert is sure to melt in the mouth.


Thrashers Fries & Fisher’s Popcorn

Maryland’s Most Popular Dishes 10

Maryland’s Most Popular Dishes 11

Technically, these two modern snacks don’t have any significant ties to Maryland’s rich culture and history, but they have become the favorite and most popular finger food among the Marylanders. They are the go-to snacks for every person who seeks to spend some time near the white sand beaches Maryland is also known for.


National Bohemian Beer           

Maryland’s Most Popular Dishes 12

Brewed originally in Baltimore, Maryland, the National Bohemian Beer is the state’s favorite drink. Marylanders are proven to have a fun way of nicknaming their drinks as they also refer to the drink as Natty Boh. The drink is commonly shared among families and friends on celebratory occasions.

There you have it: the best of Maryland’s cuisines included in the list of the West’s most popular food. Make sure to try them all when you’re in the area.


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