The Issue of Slavery in Maryland during the American Civil War
01/12/2017 Bill Hart

  Like other border states such as Kentucky and Missouri, Maryland had a population divided over politics as war approached. The western and northern parts of the state, especially those Marylanders of German origin, held fewer slaves and tended to favor remaining in the Union, while the Tidewater Chesapeake Bay area, with its slave economy,

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The Role Maryland Played in the American Revolution
11/29/2016 Bill Hart

Maryland has been an English proprietary colony under the Calverts since 1632, but it would all change in 1776 when Maryland declared itself a sovereign state and joined the American Revolution. The first signs of rebellion against England occurred in 1765, when an Annapolis businessman named Zachariah Hood was attacked by an angry mob for

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Maryland:<br>Lord Baltimore's Dream

Lord Baltimore's Dream

MARYLAND:<br>The Story Continues

The Story Continues