The Great Baltimore Fire
02/28/2017 Bill Hart

    In the past centuries, a great roaring fires have ravaged well-loved metropolises of America and the world—one of which, the most notoriously known, was the Great Baltimore Fire. On a frightful February 7 and 8 in 1904, a raging, nearly ceaseless blaze devoured a major portion of Baltimore, incinerating much of the central

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The United States Naval Academy: The Early Years
02/21/2017 Bill Hart

Established in 1845 under Secretary of the Navy George Bancroft, the United States Naval Academy (USNA) was established on the grounds of the former US Army post Fort Severn in Annapolis, Maryland, at the confluence of the Severn River and the Chesapeake Bay. The USNA replaced Philadelphia Naval Asylum, in Philadelphia, that served as the

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Maryland:<br>Lord Baltimore's Dream

Lord Baltimore's Dream

MARYLAND:<br>The Story Continues

The Story Continues