Maryland during the War of 1812: Battle of Baltimore
12/13/2016 Bill Hart

  After the Battle of Bladensburg and the burning of Washington, the British marched next to Baltimore. The city was not only a busy port, but the British thought it harbored many of the privateers who were despoiling British ships. The city’s defenses were under the command of Major General Samuel Smith, an officer of

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Maryland during the War of 1812: Battle of Bladensburg
12/06/2016 Bill Hart

Tensions came to a head when the United States of America declared war on the British on June 18, 1812. Causes of the war included trade restrictions brought about by the British war with France, the Royal Navy’s impressment of as many as ten thousand American seamen, and the United States’ desire to expand its

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Maryland:<br>Lord Baltimore's Dream

Lord Baltimore's Dream

MARYLAND:<br>The Story Continues

The Story Continues