Lord Baltimore's Dream

The story of Maryland—why it was founded, who it was founded for, and how and why settlers came to Maryland—is told through the story of the Kerr family, a fictitious family that lived through and participated in all the events of Maryland's history. It provides insight into how those events were perceived by those who experienced them, and how those events impacted their lives.

Made up of seven action-packed, detailed chapters, readers will get to know the events that contributed to the making of the prosperous state that Maryland is today.

The book, Maryland: Lord Baltimore's Dream, is the first part of a two book series about how and why the colony was founded. The second book in the series, Maryland: The Story Continues, will be coming out soon.

MARYLAND:<br>The Story Continues

The Story Continues

In this book, the story of Maryland continues as the Kerr family lives through all of the trials and tribulations of a new but maturing country. Sectionalism, slavery, war, economic catastrophe, prejudice and hypocrisy would profoundly affect the Kerr family and nearly destroy the country. All of these events, along with a family legend dating back to the family’s patriarch, lead to a very exciting ending. For those who read my first book and were left with loose ends, will find them all tied together in the second book.